What is the KoFL?

In today’s society words like honor and chivalry are used as faded literary postmarks of a bygone era; pithy romantic notions that have no relevance in a modern world. To most people these are simply words, nothing more. To some they are obstacles to be overcome, or worse, ignored. They are something that gets in the way of the greedy and the selfish. But to a very few, they are substantive and meaningful. They are the yardsticks against which our lives are measured. They are the guidelines we construct our thoughts and deeds within to ensure that we live up to what we wish to be. This is not out of fear, guilt or promise of reward. It is out of a genuine and earnest desire to be better than what we are, and to help others to do the same.

The Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux is born of such men. In today’s hectic, fast paced, modern world of self-centered instant information and gratification these men are made from better stuff. They have all, of their own volition, made the conscious and deliberate choice to work hard and become better than what they are. They have chosen to put the needs of strangers over their own. They have chosen to sacrifice of their time, talents and treasures to help those who cannot help themselves. They understand what it means to truly be a man of quality. They do not turn away from adversity. They do not give up when challenged. They have a deep and intuitive understanding of brotherhood and fraternity. They know Faith and understand that to become part of something greater than themselves they have to believe in something greater than themselves. They are heroic, ferocious and do not tread lightly. They are gentle, patient and kind. They are a beacon for all to see; knowingly, willingly and cheerfully accepting that burden of leadership. They do it, not for the fleeting applause and accolades of success, but for the indelible mark they make on someone’s life for the better.

This dedication and commitment does not come cheaply. The cost is often high, sometimes painfully so. The difference is that the men of the Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux know this and carry on in spite of the cost. They have profoundly confirmed that the sacrifice is worth it, and it is. Anyone who questions that fact is sadly ignorant of the joyful and grateful faces we have seen of those whom we have helped.

This volume, like all things Fiatian, has been a labor of love. Many years of hard work, trial and error, toil and success, have produced it. As the Order is born of men these pages contain much of their character, belief, commitment and faith. In recognition, this work is dedicated to all those who have heard the call and answered it with resounding and unwavering fortitude. Knights, squires, men-at-Arms and pages, I salute you. For without your esprit de corps there would be no Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux. Go forth and do good things, and always remember that a life of honor begins, is and ends in service.

Lord Michael Black
Knight of the Heart | Primoris Miles Militis Fiat Lux